With around 14,000 records from greater than 70 nations this season, the red-colored-colored us us dot design award might be the world’s greatest design competition. Every year, the newest works of art, projects and design achievements in many industries compete, different from architecture, through furniture, sportswear and automotive products to dental equipment, for instance Acteon’s WhiteFox CBCT system or Dürr Dental’s intra-dental camera VistaCam iX, which have been both granted the red-colored-colored us us dot. This year, more records are actually published than previously inside the good status for that red-colored-colored us us dot design award. Dental spoken with Prof. Peter Zec, initiator and Boss in the red-colored-colored us us dot design award, in regards to the roots in the award, the newest trends as well as the commercial price of the red-colored-colored us us dot logo design design.

Dental: Prof. Lec, what’s your professional background?

Prof. Pedro Lec: Design is among my principal passions. I have even been mentioned to relish explaining, thorough, how a shape, size, diameter and cut from the glass customize the taste of wine. I have been a communication and design consultant more than 2 decades, and throughout today, I have acquired a substantial substantial understanding in regards to the background the cost-effective relevance of design. Getting labored for your Federation of German Graphic Artists, the Association of German Industrial Designers, additionally to several national and worldwide companies, my profession introduced me for the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. Already inside the 19 fifties, this famous institution launched the predecessor in the red-colored-colored us us dot design award-the “Haus Industrieform”.

Why the look of a product play this kind of large part nowadays? Are clients more concerned about design or functionality?

With growing competition round the worldwide areas, it’s more valuable than in the past for producers to distinguish themselves within the competition by creating quality instead of competing essentially at the quantity of cost. You could do this through superior design. For me, a stylish exterior is not enough: a product should be easy to operate also to handle and additionally meet all safety and maintenance needs. The client are interested that fulfils his aesthetic desires too. So, design entails not only a stylish look, but furthermore what lies beneath the surface. Therefore, you need to consider functionality becoming an part of design.

What is the significance in the red-colored-colored us us dot design award?

The red-colored-colored us us dot design award is probably the greatest competitions worldwide. This Season alone, over 14,000 programs from greater than 70 nations were published. The award remains established worldwide one of the most preferred shuts of quality for superior design. In 1992, I developed an internationalisation strategy, and during this framework I conceptualised a seal that’s easily understandable worldwide: the red-colored-colored us us dot. Today, it’s worldwide recognised and desired.

Now when was the red-colored-colored us us dot design award first established, and the way managed to get happen originate?

The building blocks in the award reaches towards the 19 fifties. At this time around around, producers were trying to find new concepts for engaging everyone as well as the clients, which created the opportunity to make the merchandise design competition. In individuals days, in publish-war Germany, the primary focus was mainly on enhancing the economy. From today’s perspective, that was clearly effective. Right immediately, it absolutely was foremost about good design. It had been apparent with the establishment in the “Ständige Schau formschöner Industrieerzeugnisse” (permanent exhibition of fantastically designed industrial products) in 1955 the first time. In the beginning, only 100s of products were published yearly. Today, thousands of fine creative accomplishments are demonstrated at an adverse balance us us dot design museums in Essen, Germany, too as with Singapore. They from the greatest exhibition of latest design in the world.

Which products might be published, which criteria is it prone to and that are the award idol idol judges?

Design is applicable to several spheres of existence. Therefore, designers, additionally to producers, can submit use 19 different product design groups. There’s very little product that can not be published and potentially be granted. Whether designs are granted a red-colored-colored us us dot is made a decision having a panel of independent, famous experts, that are luminaries inside their particular specialty area and for your reason lead substantially towards the standard in the competition. They set high standards for your assessment in the distribution and consider different criteria inside their options. Some primary reasons include just how much innovation, functionality and environment compatibility. However, it does not mean a product must meet all the assessment criteria being granted. The standards be the guideline and several characteristics receive excess body fat than these.

How can the winning from the award affect sales figures?

The red-colored-colored us us dot is a good marketing instrument: the award allows designers and corporations not just in distinguish themselves utilizing their rivals, but furthermore to take advantage of the seal of quality to talk their success. Using this method, they indicate they participate in the most effective of the industry. Some companies squeeze distinctive red-colored-colored us us dot plainly by themselves packaging to have the ability to promote purchasing the merchandise. Others put it to use to exhibit their status. Through its worldwide well-known, the seal of quality produces significant attention for just about any product and could make certain the extended-term association of the trademark with excellent design quality.

Sadly, acquisition of design is frequently regarded as like a luxurious cost, but such investment yields considerable added value: ultimately, design is probably the primary criteria for your consumer’s purchase decision.

What direction will design trends likely take, and do producers and clients determine that the types of materials used are atmosphere friendly?

Nowadays, clients tend to be rational, careful and informed than previously. They support organic and eco, in addition to their product needs too have saved pace. Due to this, “green design” is vital for designers and producers. This is not merely a question of reducing the quantity of toxic substances present in primary material but of finding lengthy lasting design solutions. Ecologically compatible designs will be the most effective trend in many manufacturing industries presently since they point really the only reasonable distance to the long run.

When designing new products, various aspects should be thought about: shape and gratifaction must interact, the item needs to be modified for the mental and physical needs in the user and durability in the product ought to be made sure through prudent choice of material which is composition.