Sirona Dental Systems, German developer and manufacturer of dental products, features its collaboration with Objet, Israeli supplier of inkjet-based 3-D printing systems and materials. Sirona has approved Objet’s 3-D printing systems for your creation of custom-printed dental models.

Worldwide merchant partners in addition to their dental lab clients will have a way to make the most of Objet’s ultra-thin layer, high-resolution 3-D printing systems.

“Sirona offers maximum flexibility towards the selling partners in addition to their dental lab clients using Objet 3-D printing solutions,” mentioned Peter Fornoff, Director of R & D Hardware at Sirona. “We believe that this collaboration will allow dental labs to savor the capacity to create models with this particular software and manufacture them on Objet 3-D Inkjet ink jet printers which we anticipate a extended and fruitful collaboration.”

“This validation of Objet 3-D printing solutions by Sirona enables us to produce together the most effective in CAD/CAM dentistry technology for the benefit of dental labs worldwide,” mentioned Avi Cohen, Mind of Medical Solutions at Objet. “Combining Sirona’s leading CAD/CAM solutions with Objet 3-D printing systems inside the dental market allows our dental lab clients being more competitive, supplying all of them with a flexible type of and individual model production capacity.”